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Our best customer service model

The problem: Why is it that you have called and emailed and called again and the t-shirt printing Tulsa shop will not respond?!

That is a problem that people are running into on a daily basis. Customer service. I have had so many clients tell me that they are so happy I just called or emailed them back! How sad is that?! This is a common issue.

In business, communication is absolutely key. In this age of instant everything we have lost the ability to just converse. When someone calls, you answer the phone. If you can’t answer then you call the person back if they leave a message. If someone emails, email them back in a timely fashion. Screen printing shops can be a different animal. Most shops are looking for the larger quantity printing jobs.

The 24-28 piece jobs are not what they are wanting or won’t be “worth their time” so they won’t bother with even a call or email response. “We don’t have time for such a small run so why even call back?” That is not how Dustbowl T- Shirts operates. If you call us, we will answer the phone. If you email us we will email you back. We believe that every person deserves to be heard and acknowledged. If we can’t help then we will try to help find out who can.

Do you remember the movie “Miracle on 34th Street?” There is a part of that movie where Santa starts sending people to other stores if they didn’t have what people were needing. I have always liked that. It shows humility. Now, we will do whatever we can to do your job to keep your business to the best of our ability but we are here to serve you and give you the best customer service we can.

Customer Service for T-shirt PrintingThat is what you can expect from Dustbowl T-Shirt printing Tulsa… great customer service. I know what it’s like to be on the phone with someone who sounds annoyed that you even called their business let alone asked a question! We won’t ever do that. When you call Dustbowl T-shirts we will do everything we can to help you find exactly what you want. When you put in an order with us we want you to walk away excited about your t-shirts and happy that you were heard. Are we perfect? No, but we try to be. Do we get every job perfect? No, but if we make a mistake we will correct it and you will be happy. That is just how we do business here at Dustbowl T-shirts. We still value customer service. We still think that a person should be listened to and we will never be annoyed that you called. We value relationship and want to work with people who value that too.

This is why we have so many returning customers year after year. These businesses know that they will get a straight answer and an honest price and maybe a good little chat. Life is hard enough. Ordering t-shirts should be a fun experience not something that you dread. We will make things as easy and fun as possible. So the question “Will someone answer the phone” will never enter your mind when you call us. When you call Dustbowl T-shirts the phone will ring and you will hear “Thanks you for calling Dustbowl T-shirts, This is Sarah, how can I help you today?”

Every single time.

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