Custom T-Shirts for Teams

Easy Team and T-Shirt Fundraiser Websites

T-Shirt Printing Tulsa t-shirt fundraiser Website for your teamDigging through scraps of paper was not how you wanted to spend your Saturday night. You made plans to go out. This isn’t out. This is very definitely “in.” But not the good kind of “in” where you’re sitting by the fireplace in your cozy chair while browsing through Netflix to see if there’s anything worth watching.

This isn’t the kind of “in” where you’re enjoying the company of your friends while you try out that new recipe. This is the “in” where you’re gathering up half folded and torn order forms for your kid’s little league baseball team. Your fun new game is seeing how many of which you can actually make sense. You bless the people who legibly entered their name and their kid’s name on the form. You also bless them for clearly marking the correct size t-shirt printing Tulsa on the form. THIS is how you would do it. Right here. These are people who understand.

How many smalls did the “Henserson” family want? That could be a “2”, but also a “7.” You curse the family and the seed of future generations. They have no idea. Nor will they. You will smile when you see them and comments on how well the little “Henserson” is now playing. They will never know that you spent about ten good minutes trying to decipher the scrawl that they seem to use in the place of handwriting. These ten minutes saw the birth of three new grey hairs on your head and one bulging vein that you’ve should you’ve never seen in the mirror before. Don’t even get me started on collecting the money. You’ll pass that job to your spouse next week.

Your friends did tell you about a custom t-shirt fundraiser company that could have helped. Dust Bowl T-Shirt Company is able to take all of this trouble out of your hands. Dust Bowl T-Shirt Company? That’s us!

Instead of battling to your whits end while juggling paper scraps, let us build you a web page to handle the heavy lifting. We can put together a special t-shirt fundraiser web page to take these orders online.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You call us.
  2. We design a t-shirt for you, or you bring your own.
  3. We create a special t-shirt fundraiser web page that displays the t-shirt and the options for the t-shirt, like size and any special names or numbers that need to be added to the shirt.
  4. You send a link to this page to all of your team parents/guardians/grandparents/wisher-of-well.
  5. You set an order deadline.
  6. Your people place their orders and pay online. You never touch a single sweaty dollar.
  7. Once the deadline passes, we print the shirts and give them to you for distribution.
  8. You enjoy Saturday nights again

Call us and we’ll make your life better in this one small way. It would be our pleasure.


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