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Your band and selling stunning band merch – Part Two

Soon after, Apple introduced the iTunes store. They offered individual song downloads for .99 a song. This revolutionized the music business again. Plenty of people stopped stealing music and started getting songs legally through iTunes. You could buy what you wanted. No more buying an entire album for the only good song. Only the major labels had access to the iTunes store at the time, so independent musicians were still free to sell their CDs for a good profit. You have to sell t-shirt printing Tulsa. This model lasted for a few years, but was ultimately set to change again as high-speed internet became more common. The rules had forever changed, and there was no going back.

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In 2005, Pandora was introduced along with a few other music streaming music services. No more buying a library of music. The was internet radio personalized to your taste. For the musician this meant a big change to monetizing your music. If going to a-la-carte music purchases was a big hit to income, moving to streaming was an atomic bomb.

On average, an independent musician gets paid about .002 cents each time someone listens to their song on a streaming service, or 0.002732000000 to be precise. This figure is from our music streaming dashboard. I uploaded our long lost album a few months ago just to make it available to a few people who had been requesting to purchase the CD recently. I didn’t expect to see any real income from this, because we haven’t actively played for about 20 years. Over the past year of publishing this album to all of the major streaming services through a publisher called DistroKid, we’ve made a whopping $5.82. It’s only THAT high because someone actually purchased the album on iTunes, rather than streaming it. Now, granted only 263 times has someone played one our tunes. If half of those people bought a song through the iTunes store, we’d have about 130 bucks. If half of THOSE people bought an actual CD, we’re at $860. I go through all of that to illustrate how the world has changed for independent musicians. Music streaming has devastated the ability to monetize your work. 

There is a revenue stream that hasn’t been co-opted by streaming yet. That’s band merch. Yes, t-shirts and crap with your name on it. Instead of selling your music at a gig, you can sell a nice t-shirt and still make some money. If you spend $5 or $6 on a shirt, you can generally turn it around for about $20 to $25. That’s a good margin on your band merch. If you really push your fans to buy your band merch online, this can turn into a great source of income to fund your passion. That’s where we come in.

Custom Band Merch TulsaHaving been on your side of the story before, we understand that you need to make money to pay the bills, or it’s back to the 9 to 5 grind for you. And THAT is no good. We can work with you to keep your costs down, design a killer t-shirt and even help you sell your band merch online.

Once these shirts are set loose into the world, they can take on a life of their own, outside of your music. The story of your listener is bound to your music when they wear your shirt. These t-shirt printing Tulsa turn into a memento of a great night out with friends, listening to your music. They remind someone of a first date or refreshing 500th date after kids and life has taken its bite. Let your stories become their stories too by offering a keepsake that will be worn and washed and worn again for years and years.

We approach each client with a passion for helping. We want to help write your story so it can be told for years to come, long after the stage lights have faded and the microphones have silenced.

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