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Your Brand Around Town – On a Custom T-Shirt

eskimos joesWhat is a brand? If you ask the wrong person this question you will get a long-winded dissertation that involves too much esoteric thought. The way I think of a brand is that a brand is simply how someone feels when they see your logo. Does you logo inspire trust or excitement or hunger pangs or… nothing?

Having a brand that evokes negative feelings is one thing. At least there’s something to work with there. You can correct negative thoughts, maybe. The place to really worry is when a brand evokes nothing. If your logo gathers a collective shrug, then there’s some work to do. You want people to have SOME thought in their head when they see your logo.

Where do you start if you have nothing in terms of a brand? Going back into my advertising books from college I can tell you that the prevailing thought of the day was that a person needed to SEE your logo at least eight times in a month to even recall that you were a thing. This recall doesn’t even put a purpose, value or a feeling to your logo. Seeing your logo at least eight times in a month makes the user aware that you exist… barely. Your brand is something that has been catalogued away along with a million other things that are floating around in the air on a daily basis. That’s not much, but at least it’s SOMETHING.

There are a lot of ways to get your logo out into the atmosphere. There are good ways and bad ways to make your branding debut. Hand-scrawled posters stuck on a wooden stick might be a way to do this. It’s cheap, right? This puts your brand in the neighborhood of garbage. Take away the stick. Ta-dah – your poster laying in the grass on the street corner is now garbage that someone will eventually pick up and throw away.

You can buy TV or radio air time. That’s a time tested way to get your brand out there. It’s also very expensive. You can buy Facebook or Google ads. That’s not a bad plan these days. We even do a little of that around here, but it’s a very crowded market. 

eskimos joesOutdoor advertising is also a nice way to get your brand out into the hearts and minds of the people. I’ve not done any of this myself, but I hear that this can also be pricey.

One way that you can get your brand noticed that we highly endorse here is branded t-shirts. Your logo incorporated into a cool design on the front of a quality t-shirt is a great way to not only brand your business, but create actual fans of your business.

When you give a t-shirt to someone they tend to get a nice feeling about you. I mean, come on, who doesn’t want a t-shirt? If your t-shirt is stylish and comfortable you will see years of free outdoor advertising walking around town. There are some businesses in the Tulsa area that had such branding success from their t-shirt offerings that they have opened stores dedicated to only selling those t-shirts! Ever hear of Eskimo Joes? It’s a great restaurant in Stillwater, and a fun t-shirt store in Tulsa and surrounding cities. They have made their brand into a fashion statement that people are proud to wear. That’s a t-shirt branding success story that I like to see.

If you think that your brand would do well walking around town on a t-shirt, give us a call! We will help your brand get the style it deserves.