Custom uniforms help your business

Building Trust with Uniforms

I don’t know what my problem is, but I generally don’t hire people to do work around my house. I think I’m like my Dad in that sense. When I was a kid, if anything on the house needed repair my Dad would repair it. It did not matter what the thing was. I can vividly remember my Mother’s reaction when our old toaster started acting up. She threw it into a trash can and then put trash on top so that my Dad wouldn’t find it and repair the toaster. She just wanted a new one.

Custom Uniforms Tulsa

I as a grew older, I found out that I actually needed to hire people to do stuff around the house on occasion. As much as I wanted to have a magical talent to perform every repair on my house, I found out that sometimes you have to call in the pros. There are people who have experience that I do not have, and my personal on-the-job training wasn’t always acceptable.

I’m especially averse to plumbing repair. Some people are able to replace a toilet with no gag reflex. I’m not one of those people. I’ve replaced a toilet exactly once. I retired from plumbing when I had to reseat the “wax ring” after making a mistake. That’s it! All done. Let’s call the pros.

When the pros show up at my home it’s always reassuring to see a uniform of some kind. A sign that this person is part of a team of professionals always makes me feel better about having them at the house, doing work for me. I have trust issues already, so nice uniforms help. I might need therapy.

Seriously though, requiring your staff to wear uniforms not only builds trust with your clients, it also conveys professionalism and competence no matter what service your business provides to the public. Whether it’s tree work, cleaning, plumbing… you name it, a uniformed service crew helps your brand.

Company uniforms not only build trust with your clients. It can help build company pride with your crew and help defray the clothing costs for your employees. If your crew works outside, a uniform can offer a safety benefit as well by featuring reflective and bright colors. There are many benefits to providing a consistent look to your service employees.

If you need help deciding what type of uniform will work best for your staff, we can help. We can meet with you and go over your options. You can keep it simple, with a screen printed t-shirt, or you can go crazy with custom embroidery.

Give us a call today if you’d like to strengthen your brand with custom printed t-shirts.