We have a passion for summer camp.

My wife, Sarah and I met while on staff at a summer camp over 25 years ago. Nothing beats the feeling of living in the great outdoors when the sun is shining down. Even back then, part of the joy of working at camp was the wide array of summer camp t-shirts that we wore.

These shirts defined a lot of our experience at camp. We had a unique staff shirt that we wore with pride each week while the campers arrived as well as special t-shirts that were designed as a tribute to the culture of our camp.

We had an array of t-shirts that featured the unique and fun parts of the camp that our campers could purchase from the camp store. There was a shirt featuring the camp dog. There were t-shirts that highlighted all of the fun activities we did at camp from the “rock slide” to the group games that we played after dinner in the woods, like “capture the flag”, “june bug” and “marker hunt.”

All of these shirts meant something special to us. It was a part of the summer that we could take home into the autumn months, along with all of the great memories.

Since we have started printing t-shirts at Dust Bowl T-Shirt Company, we have served many summer camp clients. We really understand the challenges that come with providing t-shirts for your staff and campers. Design is important, budgets are tight and delivery schedules are specific. We also found that many camps are under-utilizing the camp store as a revenue-enhancing feature to help keep the profits growing.

Summer camp t-shirts

T-Shirt Design 

Part of the reason for ordering custom t-shirts for your summer camp is to help create a camp culture. Camp culture is the thing that creates life-long fans of your camp. Without culture, your campers could do almost anything else during the summer and be happy. Camps with a strong culture are camps with return campers. This is why your t-shirt designs are important.

When you give your campers and staff a t-shirt that conveys the unique aspects of your camp you also create a walking advertisement that lives in your target market for years.

Bulk t-shirt websites that offer standard design templates do not generally help convey your unique culture. When you work with us, we will explore those things with you and create a design that people will remember and be proud to wear for years to come. Let us help create a walking advertisement with your camp t-shirts.

Camp Budgets

We realize a camp t-shirt is generally a part of doing business in the camping world, and the better price you get the better the bottom line at the end of the season. We get it.

Since we are aware of this challenge, we work with your existing budgets to deliver a high-quality t-shirt that won’t break the bank. We can help you stay within your budget by delivering high-impact designs that use fewer colors, or we can find high-quality t-shirt stock for a lower cost when ordering in bulk for the summer.

Give us a call and we’ll work with your specific financial situation.

Summer camp t-shirts

Delivery Schedules

Unlike many businesses, summer camp timelines can be very compact. The registration money can drip in for months and then hit quickly when the weather starts to change. The timing of ordering all of your summer camp supplies starts to fall into a few weeks before people start to arrive.

We understand that your timing is critical.

When you work with us, we will help you plan the timing of your printing and delivery so that you get everything done well in advance.

Camp Store

One thing that has surprised me over the years is the number of summer camps that do not even have a camp store that sells t-shirts and other branded merchandise. Beyond the complimentary t-shirt that each camper gets for staying the week, I can think of no better way to spread your brand than on a souvenir t-shirt that is offered in the camp store. Not only can you broadcast your brand around town for free, but you can also greatly increase your annual revenue by offering extra t-shirts for sale.

A great way to get started is to sell extra camp t-shirts with your staff. They know the things that the kids are talking about on a daily basis. You can get the low-down on the camp jokes for the summer and plaster it on a nice t-shirt. By the end of the week, you’ll see these shirts all over the camp and the extra money in your bank account.

To get a jump on summertime, give us a call today! We will work with you to deliver the best summer camp t-shirt value.

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